Hilton Head Island Plantations

The Plantation information included here is from two sources.  Library volunteers Nancy Burke and Lyman Wooster compiled a notebook titled "Hilton Head Island Plantations A to Z", and their material is summarized for each plantation in the "Fast Facts" section of the webpage.

In addition, another, more extensive, notebook at the library titled "Hilton Head Island Places," compiled in 2001 by Norma Harberger, provides us with the "Additional Information" section of the webpage.

By combing all the written records we could find plus official records of land transfers, these Heritage Library volunteers have assembled the most complete record anywhere of the various plantations that once existed on the island, tracing name and ownership changes.

Two maps are referenced in these descriptions:

Mosse, Hilton Head Island, 1783 and

Hack, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, before 1861

Ash Plantation Baldwin Plantation
Bayley's Barony
Berwick Plantation Blakeway Plantation Bland Plantation 
Bona Plantation Braddock's Point Plantation Bull Plantation
Calibogia Plantation Capers Plantation Chaplin's Plantation
Cherry Hill Plantation Coggins Point Plantation Conyers Plantation
Cotton Hope Plantation Cowen Plantation DeSaussure Plantation
Eden Plantation
Ellis Plantation Fairfield Plantation
Fenwick Plantation Ferguson Plantation
Fickling Plantation
Fish Haul Creek (Drayton) Plantation
Folly Field Plantation
 Fyler Plantation
Garden's Plantation Gardner (Gardiner's) Plantation Graham Plantation
Grasslawn Plantation Hanahan Holdings Hogg Island Plantation
Honey Horn Plantation Jenkins Island Plantation

Leamington Plantation

Marabuoy Plantation Marshland (Webb) Plantation Mathews Plantation
Mongin's Bluff Mount Pleasant Plantation Muddy Creek (Savage's) Plantation
Myrtle Bank (Elliott) Plantation Otterburn Plantation Pineland Plantation
      Point Comfort Plantation        Possum Point Plantation       Reynolds Plantation
      Russell's Plantation        Sand Hill Plantation       Sayre Plantation
       Seabrook Plantation       Sealy Plantation     Shipyard Plantation
      Skull Creek Plantation

   Spanish Wells Plantation

     Springfield Plantation 
      Stoney-Baynard Plantation       Talbird Plantation      Two Oaks Plantation
      Waight's Plantation       Wallis Plantation      Walnut Hill Plantation  
     Welch's Plantation       Wells Plantation  

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